Frequently Asked Questions

The agent (mm-agent) is written in Python 2.7 and makes use of the excellent psutil python library. The agent is licensed under the modified BSD license.

The agent is distributed via rpm packages, deb packages or a standard tarball, supporting all major Linux distributions and FreeBSD.

The agent runs as a background service on your server, and periodically sends metric data to the servers, providing you with real time updates about your server performance.

Does the agent consume a lot of resources? No. Our agent is designed with minimalism and performance in mind. We periodically tests our agent on lo-end hardware, more specifically droplets with only 512 megabytes of ram and only one CPU.
What kind of data does the agent send The agent will send inventory data, enabling you to get an overview over your servers, and metric data, like cpu usage, network usage, disk usage, etc. Sign up for a free account, and look at the demo agent, to get the complete picture of the data that will be available for you, once you install a agent of your own.
What is the easiest way to install an agent? Under inventory, there is a install script you can run on your server. The install script will detect your linux distro, and download and install the packages.
Can I look at the source code? Yes. Just download the source tarball here.
What if I want to install the agent manually? You can. All packages are available at Instructions can be found at
Is the agent secure? Yes. The agent is programmed with principle of least privilege (PoLP) in mind, and uses privilege separation. The data is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) when it is sent to our servers.